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"Good wine is a necessity of life for me." – Thomas Jefferson

Sommeliers are trained first and foremost in wine, so we are happy to bring you an extensive list of services focused on wine and wine training.

For Businesses: Customers are more likely to order wine with a meal than other type of alcoholic beverage. How the wine is presented makes a world of difference in what is ordered. Ensure your staff is knowledgeable, your wines are presented properly, and they bring out the best of what's on the menu with a consultation from a professional sommelier.

For Individuals: Don't go into another wine tasting or wine festival feeling overwhelmed or confused. Learn the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc and why everyone clamors for a great Pinot Noir. Set up a private tasting class or general Wine 101 seminar and you'll be a wine expert in to time. These small trainings also make great gifts for a bride and groom who may do some wine tastings on their honeymoon. Or set up a wine tasting with a professional sommelier for a bachelor or bachelorette party!

  • Individual or small group wine education and tasting
  • Wine list consultation and development
  • Staff training in casual or formal wine service
  • Wedding wine pairing consultation and tasting
  • Let a sommelier guide you through a wine tasting excursion in the Piedmont region.
  • Wine Tasting 101 classes to prepare for a wine expo or tasting trip

Wine services start at $100. Contact us for more information.

Wine Services


"A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care." – Danny Meyer

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For Businesses: Cocktails are a creative way to tell a story to your guests and they can provide great margins as well. Create a unique cocktail list and menu that entices guests and raises check averages for your servers and bartenders. Provide training so your staff knows proper mixology technique and you'll never have another broken glass in the ice bin.

For Individuals: Want to create a memorable custom cocktail to serve at your nuptials? Maybe it's a cocktail that tells the story of how you got together or you want his and hers drinks to represent your alma maters. Or perhaps you're hosting a charity auction and want to serve an affordable cocktail in a thematic color. Whatever the occasion, we can help you pull together just the right drink to ensure a memorable event.

  • Create best-selling custom cocktails for your restaurant
  • Structure a cocktail list to sell better
  • Train staff in proper mixology technique
  • Take a guided tour of a local distillery for your bachelor party
  • Create a custom cocktail for your wedding or special event
  • Take a private class to learn more about your favorite spirit
  • Gift the bride and groom with a 1-hour margarita session before their Mexican honeymoon
  • Get a private lesson on mint juleps and impress your friends

Cocktail services start at $100. Contact us for more information.


"He was a wise man who invented beer." – Plato

For Businesses: .

For Individuals: .

  • Create a beer selection that attracts mass market and seasoned craft drinkers
  • Perfectly pair beer with food
  • Learn the basics in a small group Beer 101 class
  • Let a sommelier and beer expert take you on a guided brewery crawl

Beer services start at $100. Contact us for more information.

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